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Volunteer umpires are the cornerstone of university sport, and training as an umpire (assistant, judge or referee) is one of the very best ways you can support the next generation of university taekwondo practitioners. We run a number of courses each year for students and alumni looking to hone their corner judging and refereeing skills, with free training courses available for university club members.

Institution’s clubs are required to submit a volunteer quota of L5 / L4 / L3 trained members to support each tournament attended, proportional the number of student-athlete entries submitted by the institution.

We utilise a novel programme of home study, online theory tests, online training courses, practical training courses, and supervised tournament training for the certification of umpires. Separate courses are available in the latest rule-sets for both ITF rules sparring and WTF rules sparring, with certification available for Assistant Judges (L5), Corner Judges (L4), Trainee Referees (L3) and Centre Referee (L2) umpires.

Continuing your umpire education after you graduate is a fantastic way to stay involved with student taekwondo. Certified L2 and above umpires are paid an allowance to cover their expenses when attending events.

Education and opportunity are at the heart of our charity’s programmes, hence our online tests and courses are made available for free to university club members.

The Benefits of University Umpire Training

The charity’s mission is to encourage, develop and empower university taekwondo practitioners across the full spectrum of taekwondo practice. Naturally this includes sparring and patterns competitions in multiple disciplines, but also in the delivery of training camps, strength and conditioning for taekwondo courses, and providing ongoing volunteering opportunities and a comprehensive umpire training programme for student-athletes, coaches and alumni alike to access.

The charity exists to serve all university taekwondo practitioners and supporters, enabled by our uniquely collaborative, inclusive student sport structure. It is the engagement of the whole student taekwondo community that makes game-changing, multi-discipline university championships of this size and scope possible! To our irreplaceable volunteers and umpires, past, present and future, we want to thank you on behalf university taekwondo practitioners in the tens of thousands we have served over the past four decades and beyond.

Our umpire training programme is highly beneficial for university taekwondo practitioner at all levels of experience, just some of the advantages for you and your club are:

Free for university club members – the online tests, corner judge courses, centre referee courses, evaluation and certification are all provided for free by the BSTF to all university club members.

Scientia est potentia – boosts the knowledge of your club’s members at all levels of practice and experience.

Surrounded by expertise – increases the number and quality of trained umpires in your own club to support your training exercises and varsity events.

Creates more options – increases the number of experienced volunteers available to support your Student National Taekwondo Championships Series events programme.

Enhance your CV – provides a comprehensive pathway for university club members, student or alumni, who wish to further their professional development as an umpire.

Strength in depth – provides greater resilience to the student championships series events in case of weather or other disruption limiting the availability of umpires.

More ways to take part – provides volunteering opportunities and more ways for your club members to participate in BUCS taekwondo events beyond competing.

Keep your alumni engaged – provides a fantastic way to maintain links with your alumni members, keeping them involved and engaged in university taekwondo after graduation.

The long term funding cycle – certified L2 Centre Referees are given an allowance to attend events, reducing the burden on individuals – often university club alumni – returning to support university taekwondo events.

Quite the view from here – you’ll be helping to deliver incredible BUCS sports events for hundreds of student-athletes from the best seat in the house (all while wearing a sexy, sunflower coloured t-shirt)!

Club Quotas

Quota of L5 / L4 / L3 trained volunteers

The quota number is a function of your total team WT rules sparring entries and ITF rules sparring entries that day, each discipline’s quota calculated separately, with one L5 / L4 / L3 certified volunteer per five student-athletes sparring that day required (your volunteer quota may therefore be different for each day of a multi-day championships).

For a team to enter 15 or more student-athletes on any single day, one or more of their volunteer quota must hold an L3 trainee referee certification level (and therefore have completed the online exam, an online umpiring course and attended a weekend umpiring course).

  • For example, a team entering 14 student-athletes in ITF rules sparring and 19 student-athletes in WT rules sparring on the first day of a tournament would need to submit a minimum of two ITF rules L5 trained volunteers and three WT rules trained volunteers (two WT rules L5 trained volunteers + one WT rules L3 trained volunteer) that day.

To offer the greatest opportunities for engagement and development, and complete events in a timely manner, we highly encourage all clubs to submit more than the minimum quota of volunteers wherever possible.

All BSTF account holders are able to access their L5 tests online on demand – login to Manage My Account and go to the Exams tab to begin.

A team captain or institution administrator must submit their team’s head-coach, assistant coaches and volunteers by selecting the event via the BSTF entry portal and completing the coach & volunteer registrations (this is required whether or not the same coaches and volunteer have already registered as competitors via the BUCS Play system).

It is not possible to register as a volunteer on the same day you are competing in a sparring event, but patterns competitors, student-athletes sparring on a different day of a multi-day event, alumni members, affiliates, and club members who do not wish to compete are all eligible:

Volunteer assistant judges provided by clubs towards their quota for BSTF tournaments must have completed and passed the online (L5) exam before they may register themselves as a volunteer

Volunteers may be student-athletes competing in patterns events only on the same day of the event

Volunteers may be student-athletes who are sparring on a different day of a multi-day event

Volunteers may be current students, alumni members, or members of your wider taekwondo group(s)

The total number of volunteers required is not increased for clubs nominating an L3 trainee centre referee, as they count towards your overall quota during training*

Volunteers may not be student-athletes entered into any sparring event on the same day

Volunteers may not coach sparring athletes on the same day of the event they are submitted as volunteers

Certified L2 umpires are paid an allowance to attend events.

Certified L2 umpires are recruited by the charity independently from club volunteers and cannot count towards your university’s L5 /L4 / L3 volunteer quota, even if they graduated from your institution. However, the more L2 umpires we have available in the recruitment pool the fewer club quota volunteers will be requested for events in a given year.

Clubs which do not submitted the requisite number of volunteers for an event, do not provide a nominee for the centre referee programme where required, or where a registered volunteer is absent for all or part of an event, will each be subject to a penalty fine applied via BUCS of £75 per infringement. We highly recommend all clubs encourage as many current student, alumni and other potential volunteers complete the online test as far in advance of tournaments as possible to give clubs maximum flexibility in this regard. All participants can will benefit from refreshing their knowledge of the latest competition rule updates and gaining familiarity with the event processes using these tools.

Progressing up to a centre referee (level 2) certification is a fantastic way to develop as a taekwondo practitioner and stay engaged with student taekwondo after you graduate.

The L5 Assistant Judge Exam

Separate courses are available for both WTF rules sparring and ITF rules sparring disciplines. To gain your assistant judge (L5) certification you must complete the online theory test, achieving the required pass mark. All volunteers provided by clubs towards their quota for BSTF tournaments must have passed the online exam before they may be registered as a volunteer.

All BSTF account holders are able to access L5 test online – login to Manage My Account and go to the Exams tab to begin.

The test is time limited, open book, multiple choice test. Questions are selected from a question bank and answer orders are randomised. Once you begin the test you are not able to pause the timer or return to the test later, so be sure you have set aside the time required. We recommend using a PC or laptop with a stable internet connection rather than a mobile device when taking the test. The pass mark for this test is 70.0%.

Individuals can review their current qualifications by logging in to their profile and looking under the Certificates tab. Club captains can review each team member’s current qualifications by logging in and looking under their Team Tab.

Once you have passed the L5 online test and this has been reviewed by a BSTF admin you will issued your L5 certificate – find this by logging in via Manage My Account and go to the Certificates tab. After passing the exam you will be eligible to attend events as a volunteer L5 Assistant Corner Judge, and to continue your professional development by attending online courses and a weekend practical courses!

New from December 2021

Coming soon, account holders will be able to track courses you have attended, events volunteered and certification levels achieved! Simply login to the Manage Your Account area to review your progress from Level 5 (assistant) -> Level 4 (corner judge) -> Level 3 (trainee referee) -> Level 2 (referee) 🙂

Umpiring Progress Tracking L5-L2

University Umpires