Project Description

Login and complete this form to activate a dedicated Club Committee account for your team. These special accounts are used by club committees to access helpful tools and crucial BSTF BUCS entry systems.

Any current club committee member representing a university taekwondo club may login to complete this form (register a free individual account here first if you do not currently hold one). If your account is currently “Archived” please login and select a Basic Pass or and Athlete Pass to reactivate it first.

  • Every university club in the UK may activate a Club Committee account
  • Your account is free
  • Your account provides access to useful online tools directly (otherwise only staff at your SU will have access)
  • Your account login can be shared with your whole committee and passed down to future club committees
  • Your account is used to submit BUCS competition entries (whether your club is entering 1 or 100 players this year)
  • You’ll receive updates directly to the email inboxes you designate, including: club captain specific updates, news regarding student-athlete grant funding opportunities for your club’s members, support funding opportunities for eligible clubs, and more
  • You’ll receive your invitation to the charity’s Annual General Meeting
  • You’ll stay in the loop about events, services and funding opportunities available to all university clubs and individual student-athletes across the UK
  • To activate your club’s Club Committee account please login with your personal account and complete the registration form below (register for a free individual account here first if you do not currently hold one)
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