Project Description


The British Student Taekwondo Federation are delighted to invite submissions for the Club of the Year Award. The award will highlight the hard work and dedication of club committees across the country, celebrating those who have provided an outstanding service to their members, to student Taekwondo and to the wider community!

Developing an exceptional club requires an exceptional effort from its elected committee, club members and coaches. The winning club will have excelled in numerous aspects of club management, demonstrating achievements such as: year on year improvements as well as absolute achievements across all categories; a highly organised and active club committee; a high quality of service provided for members at all levels; promoting diversity and equality; well managed finances and a detailed development plan; the development of committee members’ skills; providing a high number of training opportunities and gradings; providing novel opportunities for members; achieving high participation and retention rates for new members; supporting community Taekwondo clubs; running fundraising and volunteering activities; exceptional competition performances across disciplines (sparring and patterns) and divisions; hosting and management of events open to all university clubs; and exceptional Taekwondo etiquette and team spirit.

Clubs presidents are invited to nominate their club for the award by May 15th each year. Your submission must describe your club’s recent activities and achievements in no more than 1200 words (excluding appendices and links to publications you wish to highlight).

Submissions are evaluated across 37 categories within four themes, here are some examples: Engagement (numbers of students attending taster sessions, total membership, percentage membership growth, accessibility), Development (total sessions provided, sessions run 12 month of year, coach development, corner judge development, major equipment purchases), Performance (athlete bursary holders, squad development, S&C provision, overall competition results and improvements in results) and Management (committee member training, successful fundraising and funding bids, entry fee subsidies provided for members, bespoke projects run).

After we receive the nominations we shall shortlist finalists and contact their respective sports departments to discuss the clubs’ achievements in more detail.

The winning club will be announced through our media channels. The announcement will typically be made at the start of the new academic year to maximise the winning club’s promotional opportunities when recruiting new members! We will also share an accompanying press release for you to share with your institution’s union/ sports department, student newspaper, and any other sponsors, departments or media outlets you wish to distribute this to.

We look forward to receiving your submission and wish you every success in taking your club and student Taekwondo from strength to strength in the coming year!

Previous Winners

The University of Bath Taekwondo Club have retained their title as Club of the Year for 2019! Going from strength to strength in competition performances, Bath’s team have progressed from 38th in the overall team rankings in 2017 up to 6th in 2018, topping that result with a record 2nd place finish in 2019. This was further underlined by a 1st place finish in the Indomitable Team Trophy rankings (based on average points per athlete) and the joint highest number of European Universities Sports Association (EUSA) Championships qualifying student-athletes, demonstrating the quality of their squad. Performance was only part of the equation, with the club continuing to develop new activities and secure new sponsorship, handily top their SU’s membership targets, taking action to enhance welfare and inclusivity, while the club’s committee and coaching team delivered a extensive number of taught sessions.  Above all, the club have continued to innovate and experiment year round, with impressive drive to improve their offer to members. Congratulations to all club members, coaches, university and union staff, and to the club committee led by chair Jae Lee.

The University of Bath Taekwondo Club have come out on top for the 2017-18 academic year in a highly competitive field. Their members achieved not only a top 10 overall team points finish this year from over 50 universities total, but a highly impressive year on year improvement, rising from 38th in the final team ranking in 2016-17 to their 6th place finish in 2017-18. Their competition results were matched by impressive achievements off the mat, including membership growth, multi-discipline training offer, partnership working and fundraising successes. Congratulations to the club’s members, their coaching staff, university and union support staff, and club committee led by chair Sameh Hussain.

University College London win the inaugural University Taekwondo Club of the Year Award for the academic year spanning 2016-17. The judges were impressed with the club’s ability to attract a high number of new members while keeping a focus on individual members, effective leadership of the club committee, and sustained winning competition performances across all disciplines and grade divisions. Congratulations to UCLU Taekwondo’s members, their coaching staff, their department, and the club committee led by president Chaneil Patel.