Project Description

Freestyle Patterns

Freestyle patterns are dynamic, complex, and gymnastic routines of Taekwondo techniques set to music. The routines design and music selection are chosen by and unique to each competitor. The performance must be a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 70 seconds, with criteria set according to the following WTF freestyle patterns rules to match the European Games and Championships for which it is the qualification event (pending confirmation of its inclusion this year). Also see here a useful further explanation of the rules.

Each performance is scored based on the various technical skills and presentation categories. The patterns must include a number of mandatory elements, which include stances (Hakdari Seogi, Beom Seogi, Dwitkubi), jumping side-kick, jumping multiple front-kick, spinning kick, 3-5 consecutive sparring kicks and acrobatic actions e.g., Taekwondo kick executed during an aerial somersault.

Individual freestyle patterns discipline are the newest addition to the Student National Taekwondo Championships and will be a qualification event for the summer 2017 European Universities Championships. The event will be judged according to the WTF freestyle patterns criteria to match the ruleset of the 2017 EUC event. The standard of freestyle patterns competition at EUG and EUC events is high – here is an example of a winning performance from the Games in 2016 .

The Freestyle event invites top patterns competitors of both our Chang-Hon and Kukkiwon patterns disciplines to compete together for top honours in university Taekwondo patterns competition!

For detailed university taekwondo tournament rules and regulations please visit the General Entry Information pages and sub-pages.