Project Description

Club Committee Portal

The following tools are available for Club Committee members via the portal:

  • Enter: Enter your team’s volunteer/ head-coach/ assistant-coaches for each Championships Series competiton (essential)
  • Profile: Manage your team’s Team Profile
  • Team: Review and print a complete list of your university’s currently registered team members and their BSTF ID codes, pass types (A, B or C class) and current training level achieved for prospective volunteers (None, L5, L4, L3, etc.,)
  • Ranking: Review and print your university’s current BUCS Championships and Indomitable Team Trophy rankings
  • Upgrade: Bulk upgrade any number of your club members’ accounts from Basic (free) to the correct Student-athlete Pass types (useful if you want the institution/ club and not individual members to buy passes)
  • WhatsApp: Access the BSTF WhatsApp committee support channel
  • Flag: Add all current committee members you need to receive important club committee member only email notifications
An activated Club Committee account is needed to access these systems.