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#StayHomeStayActive Student Taekwondo Compilation

Here are some of our favourite home exercise routines to inspire you! Check back often as we will keep updating this page with our favourite isolation workout videos.

Get involved and help us to add more videos for the student taekwondo community! Let us know if you’ve found any great videos on your internet adventures, or share links to video of your own home taekwondo training / fun home exercises / concrete evidence of your cabin fever 😀

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*Disclaimer: None of these videos constitute a taught / coached training programme and the videos linked here are made available for general information only. If you have any known health issues please consult your doctor before changing your personal exercise regime. The charity accepts no liability for any illness, injury, loss or damage incurred through use of reliance on the information on its sites. Any resemblance to actual exercises, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.