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Special Entry Data

This form is used to submit special entry data. Data you send via this form is only available to the minimum number of BSTF officers necessary to complete entry processing and should be used instead of the General Contact Form for the following types of entry requests:

  • To notify BSTF you are a para athlete and to specify which para division you are applying enter. Enter your discipline on BUCS Play before the deadline, review the Para-Taekwondo Divisions section and then complete the Entry Modification Form stating which para division you wish to apply for.
  • To notify BSTF of a medical condition you would like us to share with the medical staff at our events
  • To request an athlete with combat sport experience beyond their taekwondo grade be permitted to compete in a higher grade division (e.g., an athlete graded to B class but with n years of kickboxing experience requesting to compete in the A-class division; this requires your institution’s approval and your Institution Administrator will be contacted)
  • To notify BSTF you are a male transgender athlete applying to a competition
  • To notify BSTF you are a female transgender athlete applying to a competition
  • To contact us about other sensitive entry information
  • Our T&C of entry apply in all cases.

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