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Project Description

Support for clubs

Modes of support

The BSTF aims to support university Taekwondo clubs to excel in all aspects of Taekwondo and running a successful university sports club. This extends far beyond winning medals, and includes:

  • Fightcamps and tournaments for all university students to learn and develop their skills
  • Officials course for students and alumni to develop their knowledge and experience as officials
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Recognising outstanding clubs’ achievements through the Club of the Year award
  • Resources and support for students looking to start new university clubs
  • Our online calendar of events to keep clubs up to date on student Taekwondo events
  • Our online shop, offering equipment at wholesale prices exclusively to university clubs
  • Team management of EUSA European Championships and Games, allowing athletes to focus on performing at their best
  • Our AGM where all clubs can get together to discuss student Taekwondo events and new opportunities for clubs
  • Certain types of financial support for clubs relating to specific grant funded programmes
  • Our social media  to keep you in touch with the wider student Taekwondo community
  • Our YouTube channel to enjoy all the action from the Student National Championships Finals from the comfort of your bed/a pub
  • Impartial advice on any issues you and your club members face in the university sport sector

Support for new clubs to attend our tournaments

There are often additional challenges for clubs attending tournaments for the first time or after an absence of over 3 years, and to support these teams we offer the following benefits to all members of a constituted university club in the first academic year their players are entered into events:

  • A huge 80% discount on entry fees to all four Championships Series tournaments across in the entire academic year (i.e., £25 fees reduced to £5)
  • A reduced number of volunteer corner judges required in proportion to team entries
  • A one to one point of contact with a LOC member to assist with event registrations and answer any questions you have regarding the events

Running a University Open Tournament

A few brave clubs take on the task of hosting and organising their own university open tournaments. This can be hugely rewarding experience for the local club organising committee but is a big undertaking with financial and reputational risks to your club.

The BSTF are here to help and are able to provide event insurance, equipment and lots of advice to help make your event a success, including:

  • Bespoke tournament insurance – essential cover for events open events i.e., open to students beyond those within your own club or third party association
  • Several thousand pound worth of tournament equipment including electronic score systems, TVs and stands, laptops, draw software, card printers, banners, BSTF merchandise, and more
  • Sourcing of experienced officials
  • Sourcing of competition mats
  • Sourcing of PSS
  • Evaluation of your risk assessment
  • Promotion of the event across our networks

If your club committee is interested in hosting a university open tournament please contact us today.

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