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KPnP electronic PSS scoring system – 2x Hogu, 1x Receiver, 1x Charger, 2x Sensor Socks – Special Deal Price

£1,650.00 inc. VAT

In stock

KPnP electronic PSS scoring system – 2x Hogu, 1x Receiver, 1x Charger, 2x Sensor Socks – Special Deal Price

In stock

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The KPnP one set includes everything you need to start your training. Get to know the brand for the fairer game with this bundle at an incredibly discounted price – the total individual retail list price for this equipment is £1999.77, a saving of around £350 (prices as listed 26th August 2018).

Prepare for the European Universities Championships championships in 2019 with the system that will be running the games.

The set includes two trunk protectors – one red and one blue – in one size, two pairs of electronic foot socks, a receiver with the software to run the system, and a charger to power up the trunk protectors between uses. View https://www.kico.co.uk/product/electronic-scoring-system-electronic-trunk-protector/ for technical specifications.

Please specify Trunk Protector Sizes and Sensor Sock sizes in the purchase notes section, and email us via shop@bstf.org.uk if you require any assistance. This one of a kind price is only available through the BSTF website.


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