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Training Camps

Inter-university Training Camps

The BSTF’s inter-university training camps have been a staple of university taekwondo for decades! Scores of clubs come together and shed some serious sweat under the watchful tutelage of senior Master and Grandmaster instructors, and occasionally Olympic Gold medallist guest instructors with no mercy for knackered students – thank you for the memories Moon Dae Sung 😀

The training camps and courses may focus on a single discipline (such as an ITF rules sparring day, a WT rules sparring day, a Chang-Hon patterns course or a Kukkiwon patterns course) or are multi-disciple training days divided into 2-3 hour sessions on a particular disciplines, such as WT rules sparring in the morning and Kukkiwon patterns in the afternoon. Depending on demand we have in the past offered 3 day Easter Fightcamps for the seriously determined athletes.

Inter-university training camps are the ideal chance to get together and train with members of other clubs, and getting to know your wider student taekwondo family can be an unforgettable experience, especially at the large residential camps. Top quality tuition at student prices is always a plus too! Check out our events calendar to see when and where to find your next taekwondo fix.

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