Project Description

Student-athlete Support Grants

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new aspiring student-athlete support grant programme for the 2021-22 academic year! This new programme is made possible by the generous support of our donors, enabling us to offer unprecedented levels of support for aspiring performance athletes in university clubs nationwide. Tiered awards totalling £4,000 are available in 2021-22.

Register for the selection event

This year’s selection event takes place:

  • GB Taekwondo’s National Training Centre, Manchester, 12:30 – 17:00, Saturday the 13th of November 2021.

Once registration is open the registration form will be available via the Event Calendar page. Registration will close 7 days before event, or when the subscription limit is reached. There is no fee to attend the selection event, but a deposit of £10, fully refunded on attendance, is required to reserve a place.

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About the programme

The Student-athlete Support Grant programme has been developed to work in synergy with the National Universities Team training programme. We are now able to support student-athletes directly with their training fees and travel costs, a hurdle to regular participation in previous years. Additionally, this year’s programme has been condensed into 5 days at a central training venue, with each day divided into ~3×2 hr sessions, for a full 30 hours of composite national universities training, for an efficient delivery format.

The National Universities Team training programme sees the most talented student-athletes across the country regularly train together, led by professional performance coaches, with the aim to enhance and accelerate the athletic development of all participants. The programme focuses exclusively on the joint development of performance athletes and aspiring performance athletes in either sparring discipline, WT rules sparring and ITF rules sparring, the bulk of each session’s programming determined by the needs of the majority of participants.

It is expected a high proportion of team members will become  BUCS EUSA European Universities Games qualifiers and the training sessions are an invaluable opportunity for the composite GB universities team to gel and to co-develop their skills as composite team training partners.

Flexible grant payments require submission of receipts for services accessed, such as sport psychologists/ nutritionists. National Universities Team training sessions fees are paid on behalf of all student-athlete support grant recipients; to prevent grants being taken up student-athletes not engaging with the team training programme, a deposit for the programme’s training fees must be submitted by participating student-athletes, which is then fully repaid, alongside their travel stipends, pro-rata, following each of the 5 sessions attended  (participants must hold a UK bank account to receive payments throughout the academic year).

Grant Tiers

Student-athlete Support Grant: Tier 1

  • National Universities Team: travel to training sessions (total, not per session) £120
  • National Universities Team: training fees (reimbursement of deposit on attendance) £120
  • S&C for Taekwondo Part 1 course (online) £25
  • S&C for Taekwondo Part 2 course (1-day course) £50
  • Teamwear (full) £65
  • Flexible student-athlete expenses grant £120
    • For use towards: International competition travel, or Physiotherapist/ Nutritionist/ Sport psychologist session(s)
  • Total £380 (£500)
  • Maximum number of recipients 2021-22: 2

Student-athlete Support Grant: Tier 2

  • National Universities Team: travel to training sessions (total, not per session) £90
  • National Universities Team: training fees (reimbursement of deposit on attendance) £120
  • S&C for Taekwondo Part 1 course (online) £25
  • S&C for Taekwondo Part 2 course (1-day course) £50
  • Teamwear (part) £15
  • Total £180 (£300)
  • Maximum number of recipients 2021-22: 18

How may I apply for a support grant?

Student-athlete Support Grant recipients will be selected from the pool of student-athletes attending this year’s student-athlete support grant Selection Day. Once registration is open, visit the Event Calendar for further information and to complete the registration form.

What can I expect at the selection event?

The selection event evaluate student-athletes through a range of fitness tests, and observation of training and sparring exercises, which may or may not include and not be limited to:

  • Jump test(s)
  • VO2 max test(s)
  • Observation of performance during a typical technical skills training session
  • Observation of performance during sparring test-matches/ scenario-matches (WT rules sparring or ITF rules sparring, participant’s choice)

You can expect the training day to be competitive and hard work, but also interesting and fun. We aim to give all attendees a variety of opportunities to show the selection panel the best of their characteristics and skills. We must emphasise that any ‘failure’ to be selected for a support grant this year in no way equates to negative appraisal of your ability or potential and should not discourage you, on the contrary, attending the selection event shows a rare level of dedication & determination. The evaluation criteria are based on both absolute and relative (to weight division and gender) metrics, your fitness & skills demonstrated at a snapshot in time, and our objective to select from a distribution of male and female awardees for a limited total number of awards. Though we are not able to give detailed feedback to every candidates, will will endeavour to provide areas for development in advance of future competitions and funding &/or performance training pathways.

Who is eligible?

All UK university clubs’ student members are eligible to register and take part in the selection event. Whether or not applicants are selected for a support grant, the process of attending the selection day event itself will be a beneficial experience to athletic and competitive development, and gaining familiarity and confidence in a performance analysis environment.

While the majority of the charity’s programmes are focused on beginners and novice student-athletes, this programme aims to identify and support those student-athletes with the highest competitive potential in an academic year. The number of awards reflects the ratio of the total student-athlete population that might expect to be selected for an grant. We expect approximately 1 in every 20 university club student members, those most eager to develop as athletes and competitors, would benefit from attending the selection event.

  • We are looking for both existing highly experienced, performance student-athletes, and highly motivated aspiring student-athletes
  • We are looking for male and female student-athletes
  • We are looking for A, B and C class student-athletes (B and C class student-athletes will need to be developing quickly)
  • We are looking for either WT rules sparring or ITF rules sparring focused student-athletes
  • We are looking for a sufficient baseline of fitness characteristics, as well as development potential
  • We are looking for highly competitive student-athletes, who are also level headed, team players
  • We are looking for current students committed to all aspects of their athletic development, without compromising their academic studies*

*We will often include your institution administrator in the delivery of your support grant; we may rescind all or part of a student-athlete’s support grant at your institution’s request, for example, if a student-athlete’s sporting activities are having a significant negative effect on your studies, or as a result of disciplinary action, or for any other reason determined by the charity’s board.

Can I still take part in the National Team Training programme if I am not selected for a support grant this year?

Yes, at the discretion of the coaching staff this year’s Universities National Team Training programme is open to registrations from both fee paying student-athletes and alumni-athletes wishing to take part. Note that travel stipends payments and national team training fee reimbursements are provided to Support Grant recipients only, while fee paying athletes are responsible for covering own training fees and full travel costs.

Ability Levels

We expect approximately 1 in every 20 university clubs members, those most eager to develop as athletes and competitors, would benefit from attending the selection event. While there are no grade restrictions please note the training intensity will be high at times and participants must be sufficiently fit to benefit from the training; National Universities Team training is a performance focused programme and not primarily recreationally focused training events. See our standalone fight-camps and other training courses, catering to student-athletes of all levels and covering all sparring and patterns disciplines of taekwondo.

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