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Universities Composite Team

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Programme Outline 2021-22

The programme provides training sessions for composite national universities team members. The programme comprises of 5 one-day performance sessions are delivered across the academic year, typically divided into 3 individual ~1:45 hr sessions /day and totalling ~30 hours of training (an average of ~£4 /hr).

The programme will see the most talented student-athletes across the country regularly train together led by highly experienced performance coaches, with the aim to enhance and accelerate the athletic development of all participants. The programme focuses exclusively on the development of performance athletes and aspiring performance athletes in either sparring discipline: WT rules sparring and ITF rules sparring. Furthermore, it is expected a good proportion of team members will become  BUCS EUSA European Universities Games qualifiers.

Sessions plans are typically structured as follows (this is an approximate guide only and is subject to change on a session by session basis):

  • Mobility and games [group]
  • Strength & conditioning [group]
  • Skills [group]
  • Sparring / sparring scenarios [example of potential sub-group(s), note not all sub-groups will be formed, this will be determined based on the team members present and the session objectives]
    • ITF rules sub-group
    • WT rules sub-group
    • Males sub-group
    • Females sub-group
  • Cool-down [group]
  • Evaluation (e.g., visiting GB talent ID staff if and when available) [1 to 1 or group]
  • Consultation (e.g., physio if and when available) [1 to 1 or group]

Please note that this programme does not replace our existing standalone fight-camps and other training courses, catering to student-athletes of all levels and covering all disciplines of taekwondo, these open entry training courses will remain available during term time.

Registration Deadline 2021-22

All athletes must have completed their individual registration forms no later than the registration deadline in order to attend composite national universities team training sessions.

  • Registration opens 08 October 2021
  • Registration closes 08 December 2021

See registration link at the bottom of this page.

Programme Objectives

Personal Student Athlete Development – The programme offers an invaluable opportunity for regular training with student-athletes of a similar levels of commitment and ability, greatly enhancing the range of training partners available on a day-to-day basis for performance athletes within university clubs.

High Performance Sparring Coaching – The programme offers a uniquely high level of instruction in both WT rules sparring and ITF rules sparring disciplines, provided by a dedicated team of professional coaches, including GB Taekwondo development pathway coaches and other guest instructors, GB national team coaches and national team athletes and GB performance programme athletes on occasion.

University Taekwondo Club Development – The programme will not only benefit the individual student-athletes but also their home institution’s clubs, by disseminating new training methods and mindsets between sessions and their university clubs. Combining entry routes by both qualification and nomination every institution will have the opportunity to engage with the programme.

EUSA Team Training – It is expected a good proportion of team members will become  BUCS EUSA European Universities Games qualifiers. The programme serves an important role in preparing the team members to represent their institutions at the Games, while supporting their onward post-Games development for the remainder of the academic year.

GB Taekwondo National Team Talent Identification Opportunity – Team GBs talent ID staff plan to attend a number of the training sessions, allowing the programme to fulfil a talent identification path in addition to the GB taekwondo talent scouts who already attend the Student National Taekwondo Championships Series in this role.

Dates and Locations

Central Venue: Quest Taekwondo Centre, Unit 1 Marrtree Business Park, Kirkwood Close, Sheffield, S36 8ZP

Times, locations and coaching staff may be subject to change. All central and regional sessions will run from 11 am – 5:15 pm unless otherwise stipulated. Any updates to the dates listed here will be shown on the main events calendar – always check the main events calendar before travel.

Provisional Training Dates

22 January 2022
05 March 2022
30 April 2022
28 May 2022
18 June 2022


  • Athletes must meet the following criteria to join the programme:
    1. Any student-athletes selected to receive a British Student Taekwondo Federation Support Grant (for these student-athletes NUT training fees are reimbursed and travel support provided)
    2. Student-athlete individual applications (additional student-athletes may join the NUT training subject to approval)
    3. Alumni-athlete individual applications (additional alumni-athletes may join the NUT training subject to approval)
  • All athletes must commit to their place with the expectation of attending a minimum of 3/5 of the team training sessions for the length of the programme.
  • All athletes must agree to the British Student Taekwondo Federation Participant Agreement and Code of Conduct. The British Student Taekwondo Federation reserves the right to withdraw individuals from the programme at any time.

There is no restriction on grade and that any capable student-athlete may be nominated, but that participants will typically be competing in the A-class divisions or a rapidly improving B-class competitor. All student-athletes participating must be able and aware that the level of the training will be typical of a development programme.

We strongly recommend student-athletes thinking about registering first consult their club captain, your institution’s performance director or other staff lead and your club’s head-coach for guidance.

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