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Kukkiwon Patterns

The Kukkiwon syllabus patterns, known as Poomsae, are a series of defensive and offensive movements against imaginary opponents. The practise of Poomsae helps develop the basic movements and stances as well as focus, balance, breath control, and flexibility. By practising patterns repeatedly students may hone their fundamental techniques and stances. More complex skills introduced incrementally in increasingly complex patterns as students progress through the grades.

Viewed from above the movement of each Poomsae traces a symbol drawn from Chinese characters.

Kukkiwon Yougupja Poomsae for Kup Gradings

  • Taegeuk Il Jang – 1
  • Taegeuk Ee Jang – 2
  • Taegeuk Sam Jang – 3
  • Taegeuk Sar Jang – 4
  • Taegeuk Oo Jang – 5
  • Taegeuk Yuk Jang – 6
  • Taegeuk Chil Jang – 7
  • Taegeuk Pal Jang – 8

Kukkiwon Youdanja Poomsae for Black Belt Gradings

  • 1st Dan – Poomsae Koryo
  • 2nd Dan – Poomsae Keumgang
  • 3rd Dan – Poomsae Taebaek
  • 4th Dan – Poomsae Pyongwon
  • 5th Dan – Poomsae Sipjin
  • 6th Dan – Poomsae Jitae
  • 7th Dan – Poomsae Chonkwon
  • 8th Dan – Poomsae Hansu
  • 9th Dan – Poomsae Ilyeo

New Kukkiwon Poomsae for Competition from 2019

  • Bee-gak Il Jang – 1
  • Bee-gak Ee Jang – 2
  • Bee-gak Sam Jang – 3

For detailed university taekwondo tournament rules and regulations please visit the General Entry Information pages and sub-pages.

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