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Key Information

  1. This section only shows a brief summary of entry information – before submitting your entries take care to read all competition specific information provided.
  2. For detailed information on membership passes, event entry fees and frequently asked questions, please see the tabs in the registration guide.
  3. By default only activated staff accounts have access to invoice payments and to the tournament registration forms. Other accounts, such a team captain/ president’s account, can be granted access to submit team entry forms by request of the sport department/ students’ union – please contact us with the name(s) of any club member(s) you wish to grant access to (they must have first registered an account for us to grant access).
  4. When entering an athlete, coach or volunteer into a tournament you must input the unique BSTF ID code for each participant, rather than a long list of individuals’ details each time. This requires that all athletes, coaches and volunteers register in advance of any event entries. Unregistered participant entries, or entries that do not use the member’s BSTF ID code will be rejected.
  5. Basic Passes (free) and Annual Athlete Passes (paid) are available. Annual Athlete Passes provide a substantial discount on all event entries and are the best option for athletes entering more than one tournament, or more than two divisions in a single tournament annually.
  6. For some event divisions, such as BUCS EUSA qualifier brackets, competitors must meet full BUCS eligibility criteria, including that they be current full time students internally registered at an institution of higher or further education, on courses equivalent to at least 60 credits per year (e.g., MSc, Degree or HND). Participants must be 18 or over. A current valid student ID card must be presented at registration. Competitors unable to produce valid ID will be disqualified. Please see the event eligibility table for more details.
  7. Championships Series competitions often provide a dual sparring tournament format, available in both WT rules sparring and ITF rules sparring. The dual format means that two separate brackets (individual or team based) are contested on the same day, one after the other, giving all student athletes travelling to an event the opportunity to enter two sparring competition brackets. For London based clubs one or more of these brackets may be BUCS LUSL events. Guest athletes (including alumni athletes) may be able to enter one or both brackets, depending on the eligibility criteria of each tournament.
  8. Guest athletes are eligible to enter most tournament divisions and all training courses. Guest athletes must be full members of your university club and hold membership of your students’ union. Guest athletes are typically alumni or staff members of UK university clubs, or current full time students of EU institutions. Guest athlete entries will be capped at maximum of 10% of total entries.
  9. When submitting your institution’s entries you must ensure (i) the participants ID codes, (ii) athletes’ disciplines and divisions, (iii) your designated head coach and (iv) the correct number of volunteers have all been entered correctly.
    1. Some tournaments permit athletes from other institutions and guest athletes to form part of a pair/team for patterns pair’s/team’s events, and part of a sparring team for team sparring events – entry procedures are different for these athletes – see the entries information section for more details.
  10. It is the responsibility of the entry form submitter to verify the athletes entered meet their selected division’s eligibility criteria when they complete the entry form.
  11. BSTF events are independently insured and there are no requirements for additional 3rd party insurance/licences in order to enter. All participants must read, agree to and sign the eligibility, liability and code of conduct declaration form at registration to join and participate.
  12. 10th Kup students may enter C-class patterns disciplines, but are not eligible to enter sparring disciplines.
  13. All sparring competitors (WT rules sparring and ITF rules sparring including A, B and C classes) accrue ranking points based on medals won in any and all sparring divisions of the Autumn Championships and Winter Championships. These ranking points then determine seeding in the Spring Championships Series Finals – this includes the EUSA European Games qualification bracket for the A-class WT rules sparring divisions of the Series Finals.
  14. Teams will be weighed-in in the order they arrive for a tournament’s registration and your team must arrive together during the advertised registration period. Please ensure student team members have their picture student ID cards ready for inspection.
  15. There will be a maximum -/+200 g allowance for players being under/over their weight division at the weigh-in which will be strictly applied. Sparring competitors who fail to meet their weight may change weight divisions at the cost of a £20 fee at registration.
  16. Teams are required to provide experienced volunteer corner judges (sparring) or desk assistants (patterns) to assist during events. The number of volunteers required is a function of your total team entries in those disciplines – see the entries information section for more details.
  17. Corner judges and assistants cannot compete in a discipline they are judging, but may be competitors in other disciplines (e.g., a patterns only competitor may also be a corner judge for a sparring event). Volunteer corner judges must have the necessary experience to fulfil their role, have completed the online corner judge test, must attend the relevant briefing session(s) and must be available for the full duration the competition – see the entries information section for more details.
    1. Corner judges are not permitted to undertake centre refereeing duties. Corner judges will work under the supervision of the centre referees provided by the organising committee. The BSTF will provide refreshments and lunch for all officials and volunteers.
  18. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with all the regulations and information within this application pack, in particular: player eligibility, code of conduct and player’s declaration’s, information for nominated corner judges, weight and belt categories in each discipline, and the competition rules and mandatory safety equipment.
BSTF Tournament Series