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Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

No student taekwondo events are planned for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year.  The British Student Taekwondo Federation’s board regularly reviews the latest UK Government advice and policy, as well as Sport and Recreation Alliance guidance, and we remain in regular consultation with our partners British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS). The BUCS Executive Board and Chief Medical Officer continue to provide updates and guidance for the university sport sector in these challenging times.

The remaining student taekwondo events scheduled for this academic year (including: three regional and one central Composite University Team training sessions, and the charity’s Annual General Meeting) have been postponed. The events will be rescheduled in due course according to UK Government advice and policy. Please be patient as we work to reschedule these events; many potential venues are restricted in their ability to take bookings, and we anticipate a large number of rescheduled events across many sports may be competing for limited bookings once restrictions are lifted.

For information about the EUSA European Universities Games please see that section in the FAQ.

BUCS have confirmed, following discussions with their Advisory Group, Senior Managers Executive and National Competitions Group, that all BUCS Points will be voided for the 2019-20 season. Further information is outlined in the BUCS Covid-19 Decisions And Next Steps report, specifically decision 8 here.

While this is doleful news for the whole student taekwondo family, not least because the 2019-20 season has been our first year in the BUCS main programme, it is not to be unexpected in these circumstances. The decision impacts on many tens of thousands of student-athletes across all 54 BUCS sports alike. We recognise the very difficult decision taken by BUCS, which was made in close consultation with all BUCS member institutions (i.e., the university sports departments and athletic unions themselves) who responded overwhelmingly in favour of this solution to the incomplete university season.  The BSTF board are now focused on making the next BUCS Taekwondo Championships Series bigger and better than ever!

Whilst BUCS will not publish a final Overall BUCS Points Table for the 2019-20 season those university taekwondo clubs planning to take measure of their performance this year as part of your: funding applications; sponsorship seeking; and performance target setting, should still be able to utilise Appendix 1, their final team ranking and final A-class student-athlete placements for analysis, target setting and decision making purposes.

Final placements for the BUCS Student Championships Series will be announced in due course and the physical BUCS medals will be posted to the winners respective students’ unions some time after they have reopened. Please be patient with all concerned as the movement of staff and closure of offices, including BUCS, all students’ unions and all sports departments, has introduced considerable delay to this process.

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) European University Games (EUG) scheduled for Belgrade in July 2020 have now been postponed to the summer of 2021. Further information is available on the EUSA Games pages of the BUCS website.

We will notify those student-athletes who have qualified by email in due course (please check your email regularly, including junk folders just in case) to provide further information, including registration deadlines for the EUG event being reschedule to the summer of 2021.

The BSTF’s board and executive remain available via our online contact form. Please be aware that working arrangements have been disrupted and that we may take longer than usual to reply. Direct messaging via social media channels are also being checked less frequently at this time and we would encourage the use of the online contact form as the best way to ensure your message reaches us, thank you.