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The Charity’s Board Level Structure

Charity Board Structure

British Student Taekwondo Federation Board Members 2017/18

Colin began Taekwondo in 2001 during his studies at the University of Nottingham. When torn away from the gym he has worked as a project manager, pharmaceutical research scientist, and for Nottingham City’s public health department. Colin has been a member of our board since 2007, leading a wide range of developments within the group including its registration as a charity, and the creation of partnerships with organisations such as British Universities and Colleges Sport. He is managing director of the charity.

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Reza is an associate at Morgan Stanley and has been practicing Taekwondo for over 16 years. With a passion for teaching which lead him to start instructing early on, Reza helped to create Imperial College London Taekwondo club during his studies and continues to coach at the club. He is also a member of the GB national poomsae team. In 2012 Reza joined what was then the BSTF committee, serving tirelessly for 3 years, and makes welcome return to the board as an elected trustee in 2017.

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Sameh is a computer science and engineering postgraduate student at the University of Bath and is also serving a second term as chair of the University of Bath Taekwondo Club. Sameh was introduced to the BSTF 7 years ago whilst training at the University of the West of England’s iconic SKY club and after completing his college studies began reading at the University of Bath. Over the past two years as his club’s chair Sameh has dedicated himself to improving the club, achieving rapid improvements in participation and performance, and looks forward to applying his trademark effort and enthusiasm nationally as a BSTF trustee.

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Duncan first started Taekwondo in 2011 when he was studying Psychology at the University of Surrey. After four years of Taekwondo and three years of contributing to the club as a committee member he decided to combine his two passions and has gone on to study Sport Psychology. Elected to the BSTF board in 2015, 2016 and again for a two year term beginning in 2017, Duncan’s expertise includes sport psychology & research, sports management and charity governance.

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Kevin is a university student from Belfast, Ireland. After trying Gaelic football and hurling Kevin realised that sports using balls weren’t for him and moved on to boxing! From there Kevin trained in several martial arts before beginning Taekwondo at university. Kevin also teaches kickboxing and life skills to cadets in local community clubs and in workshops hosted by local schools. He believes that every man, woman and child should be given the opportunity to learn martial arts. Kevin has been elected to the board consecutively since 2015, and specialises in new social media and communications on behalf of the charity.

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Mehdi  started Taekwondo in 2004 after watching the iconic knock out by Korean Olympic Champion Moon Dae Sung. 5 years on Mehdi started teaching at Oxford Brookes Taekwondo Club. Becoming BSTF board member in 2009 and holding the role of Chair for 4 years, Mehdi has played a key part in the growth of BSTF. Professionally, Mehdi is a marketing consultant, providing services for international companies such as Dartfish, the WT (World Taekwondo) and the THF (Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation).

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