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Volunteers and Officials


The British Student Taekwondo Federation is made up of some of the most dedicated, passionate, high achieving people in university sport – you our members!

The BSTF is a democratic, student led charity, much like your Students’ Union. This means we are independent and able to work in the best interests of all university Taekwondo clubs. It also means we rely on the incredible volunteers from university clubs across the country to help run BSTF operations and deliver exceptional events for university students.

Over the past decade hundreds if not thousands of students, alumni and coaches have selflessly given their time to help student Taekwondo and we would like to say a huge thank you to every one of them! There are many ways you can volunteer your time and expertise to help grow student Taekwondo, here are some of the most common:

Corner judges – we have a fantastic pool of experienced corner judges that help make BSTF tournaments possible. Corner judges are often alumni who love coming back to the Nationals and help make it possible for the next generation of students to compete in the Student National Championships. Corner judges may also be recently trained student club members members looking to gain experience towards becoming a fully fledged official. We encourage corner judges to regularly update their skill at our officials courses.

Event support teams – there are lots of other technical and general roles to be filled at BSTF events. If you are available to assist as part of the volunteer support team at a BSTF event, please add your name to the volunteer list when you club submits their entries!

Medical staff – the BSTF are in need of volunteer doctors, paramedics and qualified first aiders. If you are a qualified health professional and may be able to assist at BSTF events please contact us today.

Medical support staff – help student Taekwondo and create a CV which stands out at the same time. Medical, paramedical and physiotherapy students, qualified first aiders and other similarly skilled students may apply to assist at the student national championships under the supervision of the medical staff we employ.

Photography and broadcast – if you are a photographer, film-maker, or training for a career in broadcast please get in touch well in advance to discuss volunteering opportunities at BSTF events.

Put yourself forward for election as a BSTF Trustee – trustees are the passionate individuals who are elected to the BSTF Board to oversee and deliver the activities of your national student sport charity. These roles require highly motivated and pro-active candidates who must be able able to commit at least 200 hours per year. Candidates are typically students or alumni with experience leading their own club committees. Being a BSTF Trustee can be hard work, but if you love university sport and Taekwondo then there are few better ways to give back to it than becoming a Trustee!


The BSTF recruits scores of highly experienced officials in the delivery of student Taekwondo events each year. These skilled men and women give their time selflessly to make student sports tournaments possible, so be sure to give them the love and admiration they deserve (even after they give your team mate a warning penalty!)

Officials applying to officiate at one or more BSTF tournaments will be invited to complete an online official’s application form – these may be emailed to you directly or a link may be posted in the event calendar’s event information section.

Officials will be paid a fixed allowance to cover their costs when attending BSTF tournaments and lunch will be provided. We aim to fulfill all payments to officials within 28 days of events attended.

Trainee corner judges and referees who have completed stages 1-3 of their certification process, including attending an officials course, are invited to officiate under the supervision of senior referees.

Please be aware will no officials can be permitted to assist at a BSTF event unless they have completed the relevant online application form and received a confirmation email.

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