National Championships Results

//National Championships Results
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UCL Winners 2017

Overall Winners: Student National Taekwondo Championships

Year Venue Winner
2017 Worcester University College London
2016 Worcester Cardiff University
2015 Worcester University of Southampton
2014 Bristol University of Southampton
2013 Banbury University of Southampton
2012 Nottingham University of Southampton
2011 Aylesbury University of Southampton
2010 Aylesbury University of Southampton
2009 Durham University of the West of England
2008 Nottingham University of the West of England
2007 Bristol University of the West of England
2006 Southampton Newcastle University
2005 Leeds Newcastle University
2004 Teeside Newcastle University^
2003 Cambridge Bristol University
2002 Birmingham Bristol University
2001 Birmingham Bristol University
2000 Bristol Bristol University
1999 Manchester Lancaster University
1998 Warwick University of Bradford
1997 Newcastle Newcastle University
1996 Bournemouth Newcastle University^
1995 Coventry Kingston University^
1994 Nottingham Kingston University
1993 Manchester Newcastle University
1992 City of London University of Southampton
1991 Sheffield University of Manchester^
1990 Lancaster University of Manchester
1989 Warwick Lancaster University
1988 UCL Lancaster University
1987 Southampton University of Southampton
*1986-2017 the title was awarded based on overall team scores from all disciplines and divisions of the Student National Taekwondo Championships only; from 2017/18 season onward it is awarded based on overall team scores from all disciplines and divisions across the multi-event Tournament Series.