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Project Description

BUCS LUSL Taekwondo

BUCS London Universities Sports League

The British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) London Universities Sport League (LUSL) was created to offer competitive sports exclusively to university and college students in London.

LUSL was launched in 2012 in line with the BUCS mission to enhance the student experience through sport, by providing opportunities for more students to partake in quality sport, more often. Taekwondo was added to the programme in 2016 and the BSTF and BUCS  head a local organising committee of London Taekwondo club presidents to deliver a series of LUSL Taekwondo tournaments throughout the year.

These event are a fantastic opportunity for London universities with their close proximity, offering more competitions more often to their members on a smaller scale than national events. Many universities subsidise the entry costs to LUSL events for their students making them even more accessible for students new to the sport. You can find more information about LUSL events on BUCS website and please visit our events calendar for the latest dates and venues.

Team Rankings

Team points are accrued in every LUSL Taekwondo tournament bout in the same way as the Student National Championships – points are awarded for every match won. These points accumulate towards the final team rankings, with the winners to be announced during the medal ceremony of the final LUSL event of the year.

There are two trophies up for grabs in LUSL Taekwondo. The first is the LUSL Overall Team Champion’s Trophy, for the team which wins the most points overall. The second is the LUSL Indomitable Team Trophy – all teams entering 5 or more players in each LUSL event are ranked by their average points per player, creating a level playing field for teams large and small!

Year LUSL Overall Team Champions LUSL Indomitable Team Trophy

’17-18 Final Standings:


’17-18 Final Standings:

 2016-17  ’16-17 Final Standings:

1st: University College London
2nd: King’s College London
3rd: Kingston University
 ’16-17 Final Standings:

1st: Kingston University
2nd: University of East London
3rd: King’s College London
BUCS London Universities Sports League